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Accelerating renewable energy co-ops in canada: a review of experiences and lessons, 2016

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Developmental evaluation

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A Business Planning Guide to Developing a Social Enterprise, Fourth Sector


Co-operative Planning Toolkit


Co-ops and Social Enterprise: A Community-Based Approach to Business Succession, June 2014


Co-operatives and Social Enterprise in New Brunswick: Building our Economy and Sustainable Communities


Demonstrating Value Workbook, Vancity Community Foundation

Economic and Social Inclusion Plan for NB 2014-2019


Entrepreneurs Toolkit, MaRs

Employment Law and Worker Co-ops

Financial Models and Budgeting and Financial Decision-Making


Financing Co-ops and Social Enterprises in New Brunswick, July 2014

Guide to Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organizations

Invisible Reserves: What You Should Know


Measuring Social Value: A Social Metrics Primer, Carleton University

Measuring Value: A guide to Social Return on Investment

NB Final Social Enterprise Report August 6th, 2014


Preparing & Marketing Financing Proposals: A Plain Language Guide for Worker Co-ops

Report on the Rationale for Worker Co-ops

Resource Guide for New Brunswick Co-operatives and Social Enterprises


Social Enterprise and the Solutions Economy, A Toolkit for First Nations

Social Innovation & Social Finance: Case Studies in Canada

Status of Co-operatives in Canada 2012


Using the Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise Design

Worker Co-op Start-Up Guide